Industrial Services

On time delivery of your product or service happens because we contract with suppliers who can meet your expectations.  Not all subcontractors are equal, and the approach we take is to become technically proficient in the field of your needed service or product so that we can ensure that we work together to eliminate waste to provide the best value while selecting the right subcontractor for your needs.

Product Distribution

Our supply chain management strategy is to source the products you need to run your business from a range of suppliers who can meet our quality, cost, and delivery requirements.  We perform supplier quality audits to verify that quality systems are in place.  Individual cost components are analyzed to ensure that our customers are not paying extra for things they do not need.



Not every product can be found in a catalog, and not every project is standard.  Our network of established manufacturers, engineering professionals, construction and union trade management companies shares our mission to meet your specification 100% of the time for your non-standard products and projects.