Tnemec Commercial & Industrial Paint Coatings

Through extensive investment in research and development to meet demanding customer applications, Tnemec Industrial Coatings features more than 150 different coatings for a variety of substrates, conditions and environments.

Surface Preparation & Coating Application

Our Industrial painting and abrasive blasting service commonly reduces customers cost associated with blasting and coating various steel structures and components. We pride ourselves in quick turnaround while relentlessly adhering to the customer’s specification during each step of the process.

Machining for Small & Large Run Components

To support the manufacturing industry and mechanical contractor, we offer full machine shop capabilities to build custom make-to-spec components ranging from small volume or single piece orders up to large annual volumes that we manage with a Kanban program.

Water Retention & Flood Barrier Products

Big Bags USA flood retention products provide customers who need to protect their assets from flood risks a unique solution to rapidly deploy a robust barrier with very little manpower.